Ball of foot pain

A. Numbness & tingling – Morton’s neuroma

Intro: Morton’s neuroma is a condition involving irritation to the nerve between the toes of the foot.

Symptoms: Pain on the bottom of the foot especially when putting weight and discomfort when squeezing the toes together.

Treatment: Wearing wider shoes with a hard sole, use of a metatarsal pad, and medication. A steroid injection may help relief symptoms. In refractory cases, neurectomy (nerve removal) surgery may be considered.

B. No numbness & tingling – Metatarsalgia

Intro: Metatarsalgia involves irritation to the ball of the foot. Tight shoes, high foot arch, tight Achilles tendon, and other foot deformities may lead to this condition.

Symptoms: Pain when putting weight.

Treatment: Proper shoe fitting, metatarsal pads, and stretching.

Metatarsal Pad

The metatarsal pad is worn to help alleviate pain on the ball of the foot due to metatarsalgia or Morton’s neuroma.