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Numbness & tingling –
 Morton’s neuroma

No numbness & tingling –

Plantar fasciitis

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Iselin’s disease 


1. Iselin’s disease (<16-year-old)

Intro: Iselin’s disease involves irritation of the growth plate on the outer side of the midfoot, where a bony protuberance may be felt. This is often a due to overuse especially in young athletes.

Symptoms: Pain on the outer side of the midfoot especially on activity use.

Treatment: Rest, ice, activity modification, and physical therapy. Symptoms typically resolve once growth plate closes.

2. Plantar fasciitis

Intro: The planta fascia is a fibrous band of tissue that supports the arch of the foot. Irritation occurs due to overuse, tightness of the fascia and calf/Achilles, or being overweight.

Symptoms: Heel pain especially when first putting weight, which may getter after walking more.

Treatment: Ice, physical therapy to stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon, and medication. Use of orthotics or use of a night splint at night may help promote stretching of the fascia. A steroid injection for pain relief or regenerative treatment such as plasma rich platelet (PRP) injection to promote healing is sometimes considered. In refractory cases, surgeries such a release of the fascia (fasciotomy) may be considered.

3. Ball of foot pain

A. Numbness & tingling – Morton’s neuroma

Intro: Morton’s neuroma is a condition involving irritation to the nerve between the toes of the foot.

Symptoms: Pain on the bottom of the foot especially when putting weight and discomfort when squeezing the toes together.

Treatment: Wearing wider shoes with a hard sole, use of a metatarsal pad, and medication. A steroid injection may help relief symptoms. In refractory cases, neurectomy (nerve removal) surgery may be considered.

B. No numbness & tingling – Metatarsalgia

Intro: Metatarsalgia involves irritation to the ball of the foot. Tight shoes, high foot arch, tight Achilles tendon, and other foot deformities may lead to this condition.

Symptoms: Pain when putting weight.

Treatment: Proper shoe fitting, metatarsal pads, and stretching.