Patellofemoral pain syndrome (Runner’s Knee)

Intro: The patellofemoral joint is where the kneecap bone meets the bottom of the thigh bone (femur). Irritation of the joint may be brought upon by either by incorrect tracking of the kneecap, muscle weakness, or damage to the cartilage within the joint.

Symptoms: Pain on getting up from a prolonged seat position, deep squatting, or going up stairs.

Treatment: Immediate relief can be achieved by rest, ice, medication, and temporary use of a patella stabilizing knee sleeve. Activity modification and physical therapy especially on the quadricep muscles, which attached to the kneecap, along with the hamstrings and core muscles. A steroid injection for pain relief or regenerative treatment such as plasma rich platelet (PRP) injection is sometimes considered to promote healing if degeneration of the cartilage is suspected. In unresolving cases, different surgical options may be considered.

Lateral J Patella Knee Brace

The lateral J patella knee brace is a device used to stabilize the kneecap. The J shaped hinge is placed on the outer edge of the kneecap to prevent excessive lateral movement during activity.  Temporary use of the brace on activity use may help in conditions such as patellofemoral pain syndrome (Runner’s Knee).